Good Counsel Volleyball

American Volleyball Coaches' Association
Team Academic Award 2001 - 2012

WCAC Champions
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006
MD/DC Private School Champions
2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006
City Title Champions
2009, 2007 

Philosophy of the Volleyball Program

It is important that all of our athletes feel part of a larger program. To ensure that this will happen we have multiple events and practices that will include participation from both squads throughout the season. We recognize that the success of our programs comes not from the match win and loss record but the citizenship, sportsmanship and academic success of our athletes. We pride ourselves in being regarded as one of the nicest group of athletes in the school. We firmly believe that one of the best ways develop a positive self image, strong leadership skills, the understanding of the terms diligence and dedication is learned in athletics.


All of our goals and expectations will be achieved in a calm environment which is free of yelling (we are loud), anger, humiliation and sadness. We strive to provide a fun and relaxed environment that facilitates learning and personal growth as a student and athlete.

 Program Goals

The overall program strives to be successful on and off the court. The varsity team has earned the AVCA Team Academic Award for the past twelve years. This is earned by a team that has a cumulative GPA of or above a 3.5 for the school year. The program facilitates mentoring between older and younger athletes allowing for time before practices for studying and academic help sessions.


On the court success is defined differently for each squad. The junior varsity squad is successful when we see improvement in skill, camaraderie,  the understanding of technical and tactical elements of the game all while enjoying the sport and having fun. The squad may struggle while attempting to achieve a high level of play. We feel that this struggle is important to the success of the program. Of course, we would want this struggle and skill to earn a win in a match – however that is not our primary goal.  Every athlete will have the opportunity to participate, however, different positions may allow for more playing time than others and playing time may not be equal. As the season progresses playing time may change and be based on skill and enthusiasm.


For the varsity squad we expect that our training will place our team in a position to be successful in the pursuit of championships while having fun. The training and skill level of each varsity athlete is important and our goal is to prepare every athlete for success within and outside our program. The individual’s growth as a player is the most important part of our process. This may mean limited playing time for your athlete in matches – but you can be assured that every athlete has a role to play in the success of our program.  Playing time on the varsity squad is based on skill, position, needs of the team, and match situations.

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